We hire for each summer:

  • Kitchen Crew
    • Head & Assistant Cooks
  • “Rec” Team
    • Water Front Director
    • Lifeguards
    • Challenge Course
  • Maintenance Team
    • Groundskeeper
    • Maintenance Assistant
  • Housekeeping Team
  • Creative Arts Team**
    • Photographer
    • Social Media Coordinator

**(cross-trained with another position)


  • Staff are housed in gender based, dormitory-style staff housing for the duration of the summer schedule.
  • The staff lounge is nearby with couches, refrigerator, microwave, and table/chairs for summer staff use only.
  • Staff are welcome to use the Akiva washers & dryers for your laundry needs during the summer schedule.


Other Benefits:
We provide free training to include:

  • A Red Cross Lifeguard certification
  • Food Handler certification
  • First Aid/CPR certification
  • Intentional discipleship training



Be dedicated to stay connected to your life source—Christ! Purposefully lavish His goodness onto staff, coworkers, campers, and visitors. Love your job. Be an advocate for Akiva.


Elevate Akiva’s atmosphere from the pack. Intentionally strive for excellence in all areas… High quality results require enthusiasm, endurance, persistence, commitment, and a willingness to dream.


Emergent thoughts come from constant reflection and a sense of ownership. Step up and be willing to voice your perspective. The saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” We need you to inspire efficiency and ministry success.


Constantly be aware of your surroundings…be willing to add value to the camp experience of all visitors. Go searching for the small things that can make a big difference.


Our mantra has always been to serve God by serving others. So seek ways to provide a comfortable, loving environment for respite and renewal. Treat all guests with compassion and gentleness. This is where we live by the Spirit, not by the flesh!

Our summer staff receive intentional discipleship/small group Bible study time, on-site housing, food, community, and a paycheck twice a month.

AKIVA (Uh-kee-vah): The meaning that inspired us the most was “protect or shelter”. God has blessed this camp to be a place of shelter to many who have not experienced it in their daily lives. Camp Akiva will be a safe and fun place where every person leaves revived, refreshed and reminded of God’s greater love that offers hope to everyone.

Directions to Camp Akiva - Christian Camp & Retreats in East Texas

On a smart phone map, use “Church Camp Road, Point, TX”

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